Rescue descender

Standard:EN341:2011,class A

Main features


•Aluminum alloy shell, lightweight, lightweight and durable, good heat dissipation performance;
•Double brakes increase safety and make use more assured;
•Integrated lugs for more effective control of the descent speed during rescue;
•The two-way wheel hub, when one end of the hook rises, the other end falls, and after the descending escape is completed, you can immediately start descending and escape again;
•9.6mm static rope, super tough and wear-resistant;
•Life-saving self-locking spring hook, in line with EN362;
•Descent height:
140kg for a single person, using the maximum descending height of 500m,
250kg for two persons, the maximum descent height is 175m;
•Descent speed: 0.85m/s
•Rope type:  static rope EN1891 type A
•Rope strength: 25kN
•The descending device is configured on the lifting work platform and is used for wind power towers, cable cars, derricks, etc., for emergency rescue operations, and can also be used for rescuers in harsh environments;

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